Our Family Programs: Supporting Recovery Together

At 12 South Recovery in Lake Forest, CA, we understand that addiction and mental health issues not only affect the individual but also have a significant impact on their loved ones. Our Family Programs are thoughtfully designed to provide support, education, and healing opportunities for families as they navigate the challenging journey of recovery alongside their loved ones.

Why Family Involvement Matters

Key Benefits of Family Programs

Our family programs offer a wide range of benefits to both individuals in recovery and their families. Here are some key advantages:

  • Improved Communication: Learn effective communication techniques to foster healthy dialogues with your loved one.
  • Understanding Addiction and Mental Health: Gain insight into the nature of addiction and mental health disorders to better support your family member.
  • Reduced Stigma: Break down stigma and misconceptions surrounding addiction and mental health.
  • Emotional Healing: Find a safe space to express your emotions and heal from the impact of addiction or mental health issues.
  • Building a Support Network: Connect with other families facing similar challenges, creating a strong support system.
  • Relapse Prevention: Learn strategies to identify and prevent potential relapse triggers.
  • Rebuilding Trust: Work towards rebuilding trust and mending relationships with your loved one.
Challenging the Pressures of Substance Use in College

Our Comprehensive Family Programs

Individual and Group Counseling

Our experienced counselors offer both individual and group counseling sessions for family members. These sessions provide a platform to address your unique concerns, ask questions, and share experiences with others who understand what you’re going through.

Educational Workshops

We organize informative workshops on addiction and mental health, equipping families with the knowledge and tools needed to support their loved ones effectively. These workshops empower families to take an active role in the recovery process.

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions allow for open and honest conversations within a supportive environment. Our skilled therapists facilitate discussions that promote understanding and healing, helping families reconnect on a deeper level.

Aftercare Support

Our commitment to families doesn’t end with the program. We provide ongoing aftercare support, ensuring that you have the resources and guidance necessary to continue supporting your loved one’s recovery journey.

Your Role in the Recovery Process

As a family member, your involvement in the recovery process is invaluable. Your support, understanding, and willingness to participate in our Family Programs can significantly impact your loved one’s chances of successful recovery. Together, we can work towards a brighter future.

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To learn more about our Family Programs and how they can benefit your family, please contact us at 866-257-5551. Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.


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