The Value of Individualized Treatment

Everyone enters recovery coming from their own unique circumstances. The multitude of factors that influence a person’s substance use disorder (SUD) makes each person’s story different. Therefore, individualized treatment can be highly beneficial in several ways. Creating a personalized step-by-step plan for a client can greatly improve their comfort and success in recovery. 

There are many benefits of one-on-one therapy. Certain programs and treatment facilities offer a variety of plans to fit each person’s needs. Creating an individualized road map for recovery may also help a person stay dedicated during treatment for a life of ongoing sobriety.

Individualized treatment allows the client to openly and safely share the experiences that have led them down the road of addiction. Tailoring a treatment plan that is appropriately unique to the client is critical in the recovery process.

What Is Individualized Treatment?

With individualized treatment, an addiction or mental health treatment professional starts by giving the client a thorough assessment. The results of this assessment are used in collaboration with the needs, wants, and limitations of the client to determine the best route for treatment. An individualized treatment plan is used to pay special attention to what’s best for the client. This plan marries a person-centered approach with proven clinical methods.

The professional caring for the client must get to the underlying reason the individual has developed SUD. For example, if the client has a history of trauma, the individualized treatment approach would include different trauma-informed therapies. Certain therapies can help a client express and heal from the emotional, mental, and physical impact that was caused by previous traumatic events.

The cause of SUD is unique to each person. Certain mental health conditions, coping with grief, genetics, broken relationships, and a negative upbringing can also be factors in the reasons behind substance use.

What to Expect From an Individualized Treatment Plan

Staying committed to a treatment plan can be a challenge. However, when an individual has a say and a stake in their recovery, they are more likely to stay invested.

With individualized treatment, an individual’s resources, strengths, and potential for a successful recovery are logged. This helps keep the client committed to their care plan. A health care professional takes the client’s race, gender identity, age, religion, trauma, mental health history, and more into consideration when assisting in the creation of the individualized treatment plan. 

Taking these steps can help health care professionals better understand the individual and better cater to the client’s treatment needs. A person that puts in 100% participation in treatment has a more successful outcome when it comes to engagement and long-term retention once recovered. 

Depending on the facility chosen, treatment options for professionals to suggest and individuals to choose from may consist of: 

  • Detox programs
  • Therapy
  • Holistic care
  • Physical or mental health care 
  • Relapse prevention services

Value of One-On-One Therapy

Individual one-on-one therapy involves one client and one therapist or counselor in a health care setting. A client’s treatment plan incorporates elements of their medical background. This helps determine which type of therapy will provide the best benefit for them in the long run.

A one-on-one setting has some important advantages for treatment and recovery. As stated by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), individualized outpatient therapy decreases complicated health symptoms. This type of treatment can greatly improve a client’s ability to function and reduces current problems. 

The benefits of individual therapy may also include: 

  • Confidentiality
  • One-on-one undivided attention so the provider can better focus on the client’s needs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness

Heading in the Right Direction

A psychologist can develop an individualized treatment plan for a client who is seeking professional and personalized health care services. Developing a constructive treatment plan with a team of mental health professionals, counselors, and addiction specialists is an essential step toward a successful recovery. 

Help from family and friends can also be beneficial. Health care professionals can provide overall support to assure a client and their loved ones are in the right hands during their time in treatment. Treatment options that are personalized for a client can improve an individual’s quality of life as a whole. They will likely have more motivation and be able to surround themselves with more support when they and their loved ones have access to carefully curated resources and options.

Accepting that an individual has a problem, starting detox and maintaining abstinence, and learning to forgive oneself are just a few steps to take before committing to a treatment plan. Personally deciding what one’s weaknesses, needs, and goals are and communicating them with a treatment provider can help prepare one for treatment.

Researching different facilities, whether they use an individualized treatment model, and the different treatment methods they offer can help someone begin recovery with their best foot forward. There is no substitute for a treatment plan that will work.

Overcoming substance use disorder can be overwhelming. An individualized treatment plan can be developed to treat all aspects of addiction. Heading in the right direction may be a difficult journey for those searching for help needed. Here at 12 South Recovery, our primary goal is uncovering the root cause of your addiction and assisting you in finding your purpose. We put forth every effort to educate, strengthen, and empower you to live a fulfilling life free from drugs and alcohol. Our team of health care professionals would be more than happy to develop an individualized treatment plan. If you feel you or a loved one is in need of professional support, call us at 866-839-6876.

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