How Can Detox Help One Overcome Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms?

Ambien is one of the most commonly prescribed sleeping medications. Unfortunately, it is also a highly addictive prescription medication. An individual may become addicted to this drug within just 12 weeks of use. This leads to Ambien withdrawal symptoms, which can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, treatment with 12 South Recovery and learning self-help strategies for sleep can help. At 12 South Recovery, our residential and detox addiction treatment program can be an effective choice for individuals who are having difficulty recovering from addiction and/or mental health conditions.

What Is Ambien Used For?

According to Medline Plus, Ambien Is the brand name for a generic drug called zolpidem. This drug is often prescribed by family health practitioners to treat common sleep disorders such as insomnia. Ambien is classified as a sedative-hypnotic. When taken as advised, an individual’s brain activity is safely slowed down to promote healthy sleep, thus relieving insomnia. As stated previously, Ambien is a widely prescribed drug. Therefore, it is a commonly abused drug.

Ambien Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

When an individual chooses to break away from Ambien and explore natural ways to relieve insomnia, this can be a positive choice. However, choosing to stop using Ambien alone without safely weaning off the drug can be challenging for many individuals. Withdrawal symptoms can feel extremely uncomfortable and sometimes can be dangerous.

Due to the level of discomfort felt by some individuals when they try to stop Ambien, it can be difficult to discontinue it. Discussing concerns and symptoms with a health practitioner is imperative to safely move forward.

Learning to recognize the signs of Ambien withdrawal and staying communicative with a prescriber can prevent a potential drug overdose or death. According to the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, it can be especially difficult to stop taking Ambien if it is taken in high doses. Also, ironically, Ambien withdrawal can worsen insomnia. Signs of Ambien withdrawal may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Heart palpitations
  • Hallucinations
  • Uncontrolled crying
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hand tremors

Self-Help Strategies to Find Relief From Ambien Withdrawal

Practicing good sleep hygiene can promote a healthy lifestyle. Starting a consistent routine by putting healthy habits into action can safely relieve worsened insomnia related to Ambien withdrawal. Although Ambien is commonly prescribed for sleep, a natural route is always the best choice to make before considering a synthetic drug. This can be especially so because the risk of withdrawal is high and the side effects of taking this medication can be problematic. Self-help strategies can include:

  • Going to bed at the same time every night
  • Waking up at the same time every day
  • Taking a warm bath before attempting to sleep
  • Removing electronic devices from the bedroom
  • Avoiding drinking caffeinated beverages and sweets before trying to sleep
  • Staying abstinent from drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Sleeping in a dark room with a comfortable temperature
  • Staying physically active during the day

What Does It Mean to Detox?

The word detox is short for detoxification. The detoxification process involves discontinuing the use of harmful substances to rid the body of unhealthy chemicals and toxins. During the week-long detox process, certain medications can be taken to relieve uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. However, detoxification can be done with or without the assistance of medications. The longer a drug has been used and the higher the dose used, the more likely it is that medication will be needed to facilitate the detox process. A detox process is an important part of a healthy and safe recovery.

When a detox is undertaken, it starts the bodily repair process. After using substances for a while, an individual’s body and brain have likely been negatively impacted. Additionally, the body has become accustomed to the substances and needs to be reset. It can be a difficult process, but many individuals find that detox makes the transition into treatment a lot more comfortable.

Overcoming Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms With 12 South Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Surrendering to addiction and mental health treatment with any facility can bring on a wave of emotions. Some individuals may be hesitant to move forward due to feelings of embarrassment, nervousness, anger, or guilt. Choosing to move forward with 12 South Recovery for addiction treatment can be a life-changing choice. For those facing problems moving forward, an addiction and mental health team will work hard every day to provide the emotional support needed to comfortably transition into treatment.

At 12 South Recovery, we understand that the detoxification process can be uncomfortable. Many individuals will experience difficult withdrawal symptoms related to the Ambien detoxification process. After this process comes to successful completion, the 12 South Recovery team is available to discuss the next steps and formulate an individualized treatment plan. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team is available every step of the way. We offer support during treatment and throughout long-term recovery.

Ambien withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to overcome. At 12 South Recovery, our goal is to provide you with compassionate care during your recovery. We specialize in treating trauma and use evidence-based treatment and the best in medical care. With our help, clients are able to safely and gradually acclimate back to their lives, equipped with the tools, coping mechanisms, and ongoing support they need to maintain their recovery efforts. 12 South Recovery specializes in outpatient treatment and does not offer detox or residential treatment at this time. Our addiction treatment program is specifically tailored to provide continuing support for individuals who have already completed detox treatment. Call 12 South Recovery at (888) 830-8374.

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